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The Zen of Blog Topic Creation: 3 Ways to Come up with Unlimited Blog Post Ideas

Creativity comes from looking for the unexpected and stepping outside your own experience. — Masaru Ibuka Do you struggle to come up with post ideas? Without a flow of ideas for articles,  blogging can turn into a grind, don’t you agree? That’s why creativity is the life-blood of bloggers and writers. This post will show you […]

33 Top Blogging Tips By Spectacular Bloggers

One of the best things about the blogging community is its generosity. Even the very top A-listers understand that they were once exactly where you are today.   The only things separating them from you – are time, great information, hard work, and persistence.   But while there are plenty of blogging tips out there, sometimes […]

Why Blogs Fail

By Mary Jaksch The sad truth is that most blogs die. And yet it’s easy to ensure that your blog thrives and grows. When I first started blogging, I used to love reading a blog, called Skelliewag.com. Skellie always gave excellent advice – especially to novice bloggers like myself. Yet a few years later, she […]

Take this Fun Quiz to Find Out What Makes a Blog Successful

Below is a quiz about what makes a blog successful. It has five questions for you to answer. At the end of the quiz you can read the explanations.  Start with the first question below; you’ll then be taken to the next one.    If you want more in-depth training and information, get the BLOG SUCCESS […]

7 Cool Bloggers to Watch in 2014

By Mary Jaksch Want to crush it online? Blogging is the best way to do it! Whether you want to run a blog focused on articles, videos, images or podcasts – it’s easy to create and quick to get going.  But … How to make your blog stand out? It’s actually surprisingly easy. You see, […]