6 Reasons Why Blogger Trainings *Fail*

Mary Jaksch 2So here’s the deal: Between WritetoDone.com and A-List Blogging, there are over 100,000 eager would-be bloggers who take at least a passing interest in what I have to say. Which is why, anytime a new blogging training is launched into the market, I’m near the top of the list of people that get approached with an invitation to promote it. Now, I’m all for exposing you to the latest and greatest trainings, just so long as they really are the greatest, and not just the latest. 😉 Which is why my standard response is, ‘First, let me see it.’ So they send it over, I take a quick look, and usually, that’s as far as it goes. Because mostly, the latest trainings aren’t anywhere near the greatest. Mostly, they just suck. Usually, it’s for one of 6 reasons. And sometimes they really hit the jackpot and manage to nail all six … Here are the six reasons why most blogging trainings suck: 1. Traffic strategies that don’t get traffic. In other words, the stuff they teach just doesn’t work – it’s outdated information, or not effective. Sometimes, it’s just pure fiction. 2. Insider Secrets are reserved for $10,000 clients. They teach crumbs to most students, and save the real meat-and-potatoes for their high-paying, ultra-super-platinum clients. 3. Strategies that cost money instead of making money. Instead of teaching you how to make money, they just point you to dozens of other backyard landscaping design san diego services. 4. Trainings designed for ex-programmers who speak in code. All of their training and instructions are written in an alphabet soup of acronyms, like HTML, CSS, PHP, PPC, CPM and more. (And here you are without your decoder ring.) 5. Blog building on a 70-hour per week schedule. They teach strategies that work great – just so long as you’re implementing them full-time (with three full-time Virtual Assistants to help you). 6. “Here’s your eBook; now best of luck, you’re on your own.” This one burns me up the most. Read more about uqora ingredients. When you buy *training*, what you need is a TEACHER, not a collection of pre-packaged blog posts! Seeing all this, day-in and day-out, brings new meaning to the phrase, ‘buyer beware!’ These experiences have sensitized me more than ever before to the things that really matter to you and your peers… …and we’ve been extra careful to make sure that the new A-List Masterclass will not only avoid these pitfalls, but absolutely blow you away. You’ll get: Proven Subscriber-getting Strategies. You will learn proven strategies to attract traffic that matters and build a big subscriber base of loyal readers that can afford first time home buyer loans. Insider Secrets Revealed. You’ll learn what top bloggers don’t tell you about successful blogging, and become part of an insider circle that shares the secrets of creating a successful blog. Monetize like an Expert. You’ll find out how to make money with your blog, and learn expert techniques that create an income while growing your blog (it’s easy if you know how to do it). Blogging for Non-Techies. For those of you who find technology challenging and frustrating, we’ve developed pathways to mastery for non-techies so that you can learn new skills with ease and confidence. Blog-Building that Fits your Schedule. Don’t worry about struggling to find time to blog. You’ll learn blog-building strategies for busy people like you; strategies that fit around your schedule. Click here. Experts at your Fingertips. You won’t get stuck wishing you could ask someone for advice because the Masterclass is filled with experts ready to help you out. As you can see, we’ve got some truly amazing things coming down the pipes for you. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this preview, and short guide on what to watch out for and avoid. About the Author: Mary Jaksch is the creator of A-List Blogging and the blogger behind Writetodone.com and GoodlifeZEN.com. Offline she’s a Zen Master, 4th Degree Karate Blackbelt, and a keen mountain-biker.  Finances also leading to massive fails, for help with financing check out.

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