7 Cool Bloggers to Watch in 2014

Bloggers to watch in 2014By Mary Jaksch

Want to crush it online?

Blogging is the best way to do it!

Whether you want to run a blog focused on articles, videos, images or podcasts – it’s easy to create and quick to get going. 

But …

How to make your blog stand out?

It’s actually surprisingly easy. You see, most people don’t have a clue how to create a kickass blog

Check out the following seven bloggers. They all manage to stand out, and are bloggers to watch in 2014.


Gary Korisko, Reboot Authentic

Gary turned to blogging after twenty years of a successful career in national sales and marketing, and joined our advanced training, the A-List Blogging Masterclass.

His unique voice quickly found an audience. In particular, his stuff about influence is brilliant (and funny!). Gary landed guest posts on top blogs right out of the gate. For example, Gary has published guest posts on Jon Morrow’s Boost Blog Traffic, Corbett Barr’s Think Traffic, Danny Iny’s blog Firepole Marketing, and on my big blog for writers, WritetoDone.com.

bloggers to watch 2014

Check out one of Gary Korisko’s articles I especially enjoy: Why Originality is Less Important Than You Think.

Make sure you subscribe to Gary’s blog and receive his eBook, How to Influence All the Right People!


Laura Forbes Carlin and Alison Forbes, Inspired Everyday Living

If you want to know how to take simple steps to a happy home and life, this blog created by sisters Laura and Alison is the place to go.

One of the lessons you can learn from this blog is the value of branding.

Every design feature, image and article supports the brand of Inspired Everyday Living, and makes it a calm and positive place to visit. Laura and Alison are poised to launch a couple of inspiring courses, and I reckon they’ll be making a full income from their blog before 2014 is over. (They learned the art of blogging in the A-List Blogging Masterclass).


Make sure you subscribe to Inspired Everyday Living and receive their beautiful eGuide: 10 Tips to Transform Your Home and Life Today.

Marianne Manthey, Design Your Own (Lovely) Blog

A corporate website designer for more than 10 years, Marianne Manthey is now on a mission to rid the internet of ugly blogs.

With an emphasis on blogs for women, Design Your Own (Lovely) Blog showcases all the latest design trends, gives advice on professional branding, and teaches how to design your blog if you’re on a budget.



From how to understand (and deal with) responsive web design to teaching you to create your own opt-in forms without using plugins, Marianne delivers design brilliance from the brain of an expert – and makes it manageable and fun for everyone.  Marianne is a member of the A-List Blogging Masterclass.

John Corcoran,  Smart Business Revolution

Want to learn how to build relationships with the top people in any field? Then stop by Smart Business Revolution and meet John Corcoran.

His skill for creating relationships landed him jobs in The White House, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley, working for some of the top leaders and CEOs in various industries.  

 bloggers to watch in 2014

John offers a variety of content and training that teaches his readers to build their own profitable personal networks. Subscribe to Smart Business Revolution and and receive a free eBook: How to Build a Network Filled with VIPs and Top Performers in 14 Days.


Kimberley Grabas, Your Writer Platform

A few years ago, Kimberley Grabas was a veteran sales and marketing professional, and an avid reader who wanted to write… some day. Then she started a blog (and joined the A-List Blogging Masterclass).  

bloggers to watch 2014

As someone with a knack for researching and curating, Kimberley and her blog Your Writer Platform – are quickly becoming known as a stellar resource for finding cutting-edge, useful content about all facets of writing and blogging… especially, how to build a platform in today’s new publishing market.  


Bobbi Emel, The Bounce Blog

When you visit The Bounce Blog, you’ll find a different kind of personal development blog. As the name suggests, the blog is centered around learning to bounce back from life’s many challenges and traumatic events.

As a licensed psychotherapist, Bobbi Emel delivers scientifically sound advice in a kind, frank, and actionable manner. You shouldn’t expect easy answers or ethereal advice here. Bobbi delivers real lessons that, if you take to heart and apply, will lead to real, positive changes in your life. 

bloggers to watch 2014 - 11

Bobbi is a brilliant writer and blogger, and is now one of our trainers on the Kickstart Your Blog program that teaches people how to start a blog that kicks ass.  Subscribe to The Bounce Blog and receive Bobbi’s free ebook: “Bounce Back! 5 Keys to survive and thrive through life’s ups and downs.”  


Sophie Lizard, Be a Freelance Blogger

Sophie started her freelance writing career online in 2009. She went from broke to making a good living online by writing for other people’s blogs. Now, she supports her entire family from her online work – even though she proudly works at it only part-time. 

About a year ago, Sophie started Be a Freelance Blogger, where she teaches others how to do exactly what she’s done – make a great living as a freelance blogger.  She shares everything on her blog: Where to find the best jobs, how to negotiate, how to set rates, and most importantly… her brain.

bloggers to watch 2014

Brilliant, edgy, and kind all at the same time, Sophie is definitely a blogger to watch. Subscribe to Be a Freelance Blogger and receive Sophie’s free report: “The Ultimate List of Better-Paid Bogging Gigs”.

What do you think of these seven bloggers to watch in 2014?

Are some of your favorite blogs amongst them?

If not, please let us know in the comments below who YOU think is a blogger to watch in 2014.

Write the most interesting comment and win either free entry to the Kickstart your Blog program  (if you are new to blogging), or a month in the A-List Blogging Masterclass for only $1 (if you already have a blog).

Mary Jaksch is the creator of A-List Blogging and Chief Editor of WritetoDone.com. She has developed the cutting-edge Blog Success Forecaster, a free tool to help bloggers find out the future of their blog. (It includes sneaky ways to tweak your blog to set it firmly on the road to success.)

bloggers to watch in 2014Read What Exactly Makes Blogs Fail  (which got over 300 comments!)


  • Paige says:

    Looking at 2014 as the year of The Red Tent – women’s health activism! Watch this space!

  • Bridget says:

    Mary – fabulous list. Will def be checking out some of your recommended bloggers. Wishing you and all the A-List Bloggers a fabulous 2014!

  • Tracy Hall says:

    Thanks for this great list, Mary. It’s come at the perfect time as I embark on a blog re-design and am looking to kick the whole thing up a notch or three.

    All the best for a fabulous New Year.

    Cheers, Tracy

  • Marianne Post says:

    Great list, Mary. I love that a couple of these blogs are only about a year old. Inspiring!

    Happy New Year.


  • Sophie is the absolute best and deserves legions of fans. Writer Platform is also awesome. But I have to say it – where’s my blog? Here’s to making this in 2015! LOL

  • Lisa says:

    Yeah Sophie! I love her. And I’m surprised to see Gary Korisko — I had no idea he was new. I thought he was a well-established, well-known, famous guy. I guess he’s the new Danny Iny aka Freddy — he’s everywhere!

  • Marianne says:

    Oh gosh, I am so honored to be included here, thank you so much Mary! I credit a huge part of my success thus far to the A-list Masterclass and it’s network.

  • Thanks so much for including Your Writer Platform in this stellar group of bloggers, Mary! I appreciate the shoutout immensely!

    I’d also like to confirm the super-coolness of Gary, Marianne and Bobbi, as not only are they fantastic bloggers, but they have been a tremendous support to me as fellow A-listers. Thanks, guys!

  • Raspal Seni says:

    I know only two out of the seven in this list. Those two are – Marianne Matheny and Sophie Lizard. I still like to read Marianne’s free ebook from time to time.

    I didn’t know Sophie started BAFB only an year ago. I had been hearing about her from other places and from Carol and Linda from quite some time. Somehow, I was under the impression, she was also one in the top writers to follow in 2011 or 2012.

  • Kimberly Grabas at Your Writer Platform is one of my go to blogs for writing and social media tools and tips. And there are a couple of others I’m looking forward to visiting to learn more. Thanks for a great post!

  • Hannah says:

    Awesome! I’ve bookmarked most of them 🙂

    I’ve decided on a topic for my blog but I cannot for the life of me decide on a name.

  • Gary Korisko says:

    Thank you for including me here, Mary. A huge honor next to so many other people I know and admire.

    I guarantee this first year would not have been as significant for me if not for you and the A-List training. Thanks so much!

  • Nicolia Whyte says:

    I definitely second Sophie’s nomination 🙂 I just discovered Reboot Authentic. But the other blogs are new to me. I’ll be checking the out. I’m excited about Marianne Matheny’s blog, because I’ve been looking for a good design blog.

  • Jesse says:

    Thank you Mary for this great list of up and coming bloggers for 2014. To be honest, I am not familiar with any of these bloggers, but thanks to you I am now, and will definitely keep my eye on them throughout the year. I found Gary’s, Kim’s, Bobbi’s, and Sophie’s blog the most interesting because they deal with subject matter that I am most interested in. They have all inspired me to continue the process of starting a blog, and the courage to express my thoughts, as Gary says, “Someone out there may need that light in order to see.”

  • Tom Crawford says:

    Great list, and great timing as I get more involved in the blogging/ freelance writing community. I have browsed a couple of these websites, but will certainly check out the others.

    As much as I enjoy the tips shared, it’s the stories of how people became successful that I find fascinating and insightful.

  • Great post!

    I’ll keep my eye on these ones. It’s always useful to see what other hot bloggers are doing and why they’re succeeding.

    Hopefully you’ll add me to the list soon… As I take the blogging world by storm 😉

  • Thank you for this post! I have added some of these to my RSS feeds and plan to visit them regularly!

  • Michele says:

    Wow, I’m already fans of Gary and Marianne, who knew they both took this class? Definitely will check out the others, and the course too.

    • Gary Korisko says:

      Hey Michele! I know you 🙂

      Yep – The course is a fantastic at helping you build a strong foundation. Highly recommended, obviously 🙂

      (Thanks for saying nice stuff, too!)

  • Nell says:

    Oh some new blogs here and a couple I already followed. I love Sophie’s Be a Freelance Blogger – always so relevant and informative. I’m going to check out the others. Always looking for ‘cool’ bloggers doing awesome things.

  • Bobbi Emel says:

    Thanks, Mary, for including me in this stellar line-up of bloggers! I couldn’t have done it without you and my A-List buddies.

    Look for more great things to come from Bounce this year!

  • Great choices. So happy to see Bobbi Emel in this dandy group of bloggers!

  • Thank you, Mary! We’re so excited to be on the list and honored to be in such great company. And we are enormously grateful for your support and the A-List Blogging Masterclass. Happy 2014!!

  • Zero Dean says:

    Interesting list. Working my way through the links.

  • Mary, thanks for this cool list – there are a couple of fascinating blogs here that I never knew existed! I’m honoured to be included. With Be a Freelance Blogger’s first birthday coming up, this was a lovely surprise to wake up to. 🙂

  • Brian says:

    Hi Mary,

    As a wannabe blogger I find this post particularly helpful. What strikes me most is the personality and purpose of each of these blogs as well as the quality of their content. Your examples show the standards required to create and run a potentially successful blog.

    As I wrestle with choosing the right topic for me and having to be unique as well as useful, I found the article “Why Originality is Less Important Than You Think” a beneficial read. Further, I liked the straight talking language of Sophie Lizard in “Be A Freelance Blogger”.

    Thanks for the info,


  • Dean says:

    A big, big shout out to my fellow A-listers Gary, Bobbi, Marianne and Kimberly. Way to go, guys! Well-deserved honors, and I thank you so much for the help and encouragement you’ve all given me. You guys are the best!


  • Super excited that I found this list. I’m already a huge fan of Kimberley’s blog “The Writer Platform” and now I’ve bookmarked Marianne’s. Thanks for posting!

  • All wonderful blogs! Great list. Looking forward to more terrific posts this year, especially from Kimberley Grabas. I have learned so much from you in the past year. Keep up the great work everyone.