How to Create an Opt-in Gift in Less than 5 Hours

How to create an opt-in gift
If you’re serious about growing subscriber list, you need to give your readers a reason to sign up.

The best way to achieve this is to offer something in return for their email address.

This is called an opt-in gift.

But what to offer?

Creating an opt-in gift can be a daunting project for bloggers.

Many gifts take a lot of effort to create.

But there are also some enticing gifts you can create in just hours. I’ll talk more more about that in moment.

First, take a look at the following list of possible opt-in gifts.

Special Report
Coaching Session
Trial Membership
Product Review
Tips and Strategy list
Audio Interview
Insider Information
Resource List and Tools

Some of these Opt-in gifts take months to produce. For example, if you write and publish an ebook or create a course, you’ll need months or years to complete the project.

However, big items (like ebooks, courses, or webinars) aren’t necessarily more attractive than opt-in gifts that can be consumed more quickly.

In fact, the most effective opt-in gifts are resource lists and checklists because they can be consumed quickly and easily.

Abby Kerr developed a 10-minute rule for creating an opt-in gift. Her rule says that the option-gift must be consumable in less than ten minutes. Get loan from

The good news is that you can create such opt-in gifts in five hours or less!

But opt-in gifts only work if they are targeted precisely to your audience.

I’ve found that resource lists or checklists work best for opt-in gifts.

How to Create a Resource List or Checklist in 10 Steps

Step 1: “What do they REALLY need?”

This is the most important question you need to ask yourself. Your opt-in gift will do wonders for your subscriber count if you offer a solution to a burning problem.

You don’t necessarily need to have all the answers yourself. You can find the ‘best resources’ on the Net that address the problem you have identified.

Your first task is to make a list of urgent problems that people in your niche face. Take thirty minutes to an hour to really think this through.

Step 2: Collect 10 items that solve the problem

If you are planning to write a tip-sheet, start collecting tips. Google the problem that you are addressing and check out possible tips. Choose the ten best ones.

If you plan to create a resource list, Google the problem and add the word ‘resource’ in the search bar.

Once you’ve chosen the 10 items, it’s time to create the opt-in gift.

Step 3: Write an Introduction and a Conclusion.

To start creating your opt-in gift, you can use any text editor, like Word, OpenOffice, Pages, and so on. The end product can be easily turned into a PDF.

Personally, I love using Scrivener! You can get a free trial version here.)

Your introduction needs to talk about the problem and how important it is to fix it.

Next, you need to write a conclusion. The conclusion rounds off the resource- or tip-list and should remind the reader that your opt-in gift is a solution to their urgent problem.

You can also include a link to paid products, or offer a link to other pages on your site in the conclusion.

Step 4: Write a short paragraph for each tip or resource.

The important thing here is to tell your readers exactly what this tip or resource will do for them and why they need it. Make sure you include a link to the resource, if you’re doing a resource list.

Step 5: Format your give-away

Your give-away has to look professional and attractive. Use big header fonts and consider inserting images.

Step 6: Create an image of your give-away

People like to see what they’re going to get. You can design a cover yourself at
Here’s a design that works:

Step 7: Get a 3D image of your cover. 

 Once you’ve created an image of your cover, it’s time to get a 3D image. You can get one for free at MyCoverMaker. Here is an example of one of our give-aways made with a free design from MyCoverMaker:

Step 8: Upload the opt-in gift to your blog.

You’ll need toupload your opt-in PDF to the media library on your blog. 

Step 9: Create squeeze page and opt-in forms.

You’ll need to create a squeeze page or opt-in form to get people to sign up for your giveaway. I use Leadpages  or  Optimize Press for optimal squeeze pages.

You’ll also need opt-in forms. Go to your email responder service, (like Mailchimp or Aweber) and check out their sign-up forms. Choose one for your sidebar and one for under your posts. 

Step 10: Create a blog post urging people to get your opt-in product

It’s important to create a blog post in which you talk about the benefits to your readers of your opt-in gift. Tell people how important it is and how you can use it.

You’ll find that you can do all of these steps easily within five hours at the most. If you follow the steps, you’ll end up with a very attractive opt-in gift which will ramp up your subscriber numbers.


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